Embrace life's changes

am an independent qualified and Integrative Counsellor and hold a Higher Professional Counselling Diploma from a BACP accredited course. 

Being such I possess the integrity and core practitioner principles that meet the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy code of ethics, offering both long and short term counselling for individuals in a safe professional and confidential setting. I offer face-to-face counselling for adults and young people from age 13 (with parental consent).

I believe that the journey towards self discovery is an amazing and powerful experience, it's exciting and empowering, it's also scary and can be very difficult. For many of us, it is when we find the courage to explore what it is that is causing us pain or holding us back that we can really learn to embrace life and have the strength to cope with the difficulties that life throws at us. Life is not exactly easy that doesn't mean we cannot be whoever we want to be or achieve whatever we wish to achieve.

I am genuine and real, offering you a space to explore your feelings without judgement being made in a way that is supportive and understanding.