Clear Vision


My approach and how I am able to facilitate ‘clear vision’ into your life…

Before we begin I cleanse the surroundings and ask for the guidance that will assist you in moving forward. Then, with your permission, I tap into the infinite energy within you.

It’s through Reiki healing that I become the most effective conduit for this process and although contact is not necessary, it is beneficial for me to place my hands on your shoulders for a short while, thus opening up the channels for me to fully connect.

Once I am connected, I’m given images and I hear specific words and I will then use my strong intuition to guide me to the factors which I’m compelled to explore.

On occasions I’m given memories of your past for the purpose of shedding light on how you are carrying them, this is often subconscious, this helps me to understand what impact these memories may be having on your current lifestyle. 

Many of the images I’m shown will represent what currently surrounds you, I may also be given what might be to come.

It is important for me to use what I’ve heard, seen and felt, in a way that feels nurturing to you. Therefore, the process is one of collaboration as the messages may take some detective work in order for them to be understood in its purest form and without misinterpretation.

I deliver my senses in a way that facilitates you to really make meaning in what is being given to you. The intention for whatever I receive is for the purpose of growth and always for the highest good (your souls calling).

I want to bring you closer to your true self and allow it to be present in all aspects of your life. Many of the things I pick up, is for the purpose of understanding your emotions, that said, I am often drawn to physical issues such as diet and what could potentially be behind injuries and poor health.

During Reiki I’m told what your soul needs you to put in place in order for you to move through disease on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and because of all these different facets being closely interlinked it is often effective for my readings to be passed over to you in smaller chunks.

It’s important for me that you understand, not all your answers come at once and it’s necessary for you to keep an open mind. Your infinite self will require you to take on new concepts and potentially alter your current mindset.

Usually the messages I pass over to you need time for reflection and thought.

My knowledge of self-discovery and its intricacies offer a very innovative way of working. Our session will be summarised and possibly followed up with a call, skype contact or face to face meeting so we can reflect on what happened, this is all individual to each client. My approach is specific and individual to each of my clients, the messages I give are for the benefit of your life purpose…