About me

Counselling and Health Professional

My name is Angelina Ray, I am a fully qualified Counsellor, a certified Fitness Instructor and Reiki Master and I've been a passionate advocate of affecting positive change in people's lives since 2005. My focus is on health and well-being while the counselling and healing I practice, works through many levels including psychological, physical, mental and emotional, as all of these are interlinked. I work together with you to facilitate your specific needs to improve and enhance your well-being and bring you to a happy, healthy and peaceful way of life no matter what traumas you may have experienced.
​we are all blessed with incredible inner strength which really can turn every one of our dreams into a reality​

My Story

In 2005 I began my counselling studies after picking a wild card and trying to figure out my path, I also needed to create an income for myself and my two small children.  With an open mind and what started off as curiosity quickly became self healing and the realisation that I'd spent many years hiding truths I had locked inside. 

As I began my work as a counselling practitioner, I discovered that my work was  far beyond the realms of traditional therapy. I then trained as a fitness instructor to better understand the body which was housing all these emotions and it was through my Zumba classes, that I realised I was helping to release more trapped emotions, emotions which I felt I needed to further understand. 

After a couple of years juggling fitness classes and counselling, I decided to continue my discovery into what exactly was still waiting to “come out”. I trained as a Reiki Master and embraced my spirituality, I later made a decision to quit the fitness world as something had to give. 

It was sometime after that and through the healing work,  I tapped in my Clairvoyancey... this was the final piece I had been waiting for to emerge from within.

When I connect with my Clairvoyant abilities, this gives my healing work greater depth,  it allows me to deliver clarity and  insight into what our souls and consequently our bodies, are holding on to.

Since connecting with these different aspects,  I have discovered how they are all interlink. I feel a fuller sense of meaning and now I’m able to facilitate this through my work in a way that I could have only dreamt of...